I’ve now been at uni for a few weeks now and honestly I’ve had a blast. CCCU (Canterbury Christ Church University) is such a friendly and welcoming university and there is always something going on. I decided pretty early on that I really wanted to join the gospel choir as I’ve always enjoyed singing, but haven’t done much over the past few years. I had my first session the other day and it was so much fun. I felt so welcomed. It was like I had found my voice again.

I’m also really enjoying my course multimedia journalism. Most of my lecturers are still working as journalists, some are even editors on local newspapers. It’s great to be getting taught by someone who is still out there working in the profession today.

When it comes to my housemates I get on with them all. Its great having a lounge/dining area so we can all socialize and do our work after uni. I’m sure martians can hear us shouting at the television when X Factor is on or when we decide to play a midnight game of snap.

Canterbury itself is a beautiful city and over the years I would say I’ve fallen head over hills for it. It is so unique looking, with its quirky little shops and old styled eateries. All of which is centred around the magnificent centrepiece being Canterbury Cathedral. It is such a student friendly place with there being over 40,000 of us in the city. I could see myself living here even after university is over.





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