A Canterbury Christ Church student is running the Paris marathon in order to raise money for the Worldwide Cancer Charity.

Second year Richard Sandell will be running the 42.195km long marathon in April. His fundraising target is £1,500, which will go to various worldwide cancer charities.

Mr Sandell is running the marathon in order to raise awareness of cancer.

He said: “Everyone has been affected one way or another by cancer so raising money for this charity is extremely worthwhile.

“It was something to aim towards over the next year.”

Aiming to run the marathon in four to four and a half hours, Mr Sandell is training hard at the gym and has been preparing for the marathon by undertaking four long distance runs each week.


(Runners at the Paris marathon in 2007)

Worldwide Cancer Research is a charity that believes that only the freedom to fund the most innovative and challenging research, no matter where exactly in the world it happens will help reduce incidences of cancer, as well as improve survival for everyone worldwide.


(Piktochart created by Emma Thomson)

When asked what he would say to encourage others to raise money for the charity Mr Sandell said: “All the money goes directly to the charity, and each charity is endorsed and lists out how the money is used.”

Currently donations have reached near the £500 mark. You can donate by going to

Mr Sandell is considering entering other marathons after this one and is looking into the New York Marathon.


(Richard Sandell on the right)


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