Cheesy Fun facts on National Cheese Lovers Day

By Emma Thomson


As it is National Cheese Lovers Day here are some fun and interesting facts you may not know about cheese.

Oh that smells so cheesy!


Last year scientists and experts named Vieux Boulogne as the smelliest cheese. The scientists and experts at Cranfield University in Bedford used an electronic nose device and a panel of human testers to carry out test. The cheese which comes from Boulogne sur Mer in Northern France is a soft cheese and beat 14 other cheeses.

How many cheeses?


Now you yourself may only eat one or two different cheeses, but there is actually over 2,000 different types of cheese around the world to get out taste buds tingling.

Cheese through the centuries


The origin of cheese is unknown, but it has been dated back centuries. The worlds oldest cheese was found in China and has been dated to 1615 BC, they found the cheese, which is described to be more along the lines of cottage cheese, when they uncovered mummified bodies, the cheese was found on their remains.

Cheese is produced more than coffee


This one surprised me. Cheese is produced more than the combined world-wide production of coffee, chocolate and tea put together. Now, that’s a lot of cheese. A mighty 20 million metric tons of cheese is produced worldwide each year.

Cheesy Pizza


Pizza giant, Pizza Hut uses more cheese than any other fast food outlet. Each year it reportedly uses 300 million pounds of cheese.

The Greek like their cheese


The people of Greece are the largest consumers of cheese in the world and eat around 27.3kg of the stuff every year. Their firm favorite being feta.

A cheesy first


The first cheese factory opened in 1815 in Switzerland. With the introduction of industrial production, industrialization of one of our favorite foods began. Cheese was rolled out on a  global scale.


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