Council Refuse Pride Grant

By Emma Thomson

Pride Canterbury will receive no money from the Canterbury Area Members Panel for this year’s Pride.

The Chairman of Pride Canterbury, presented to councillors of the Area Members Panel to ask for £1,000 to help with start-up costs of this year’s Pride, however it was objected.


Chair of Canterbury Pride Edd Withers

Edd Withers Chair of Canterbury Pride said: “The committee are really disappointed not to get the full support of our local councillors.

“Pride is an incredibly important event to the whole community, and is completely not for profit and run by a team of volunteers.

“We will continue to rely on the amazing support we have received from the business community in the city.”

5 Facts about Pride

It was suggested in the meeting by the councillors that Pride should rely on income generated on the day, however according to Pride this is not a feasible strategy.

A spokesman for Canterbury City Council said that the Canterbury Area Members Panel has just £10,000 a year to support community groups in Canterbury.

The Spokesman also said: “Councillors were very supportive of Pride Canterbury, but hard choices had to be made given limited money and regrettably the decision was taken not to provide funding for this group. We feel comments made subsequently that we do not support minority groups are not accurate and do not reflect the views of the councillors who spoke at the meeting.”

Pride Canterbury has set up a crowd funding page for those who are able to help, and will take place on the 10th of June.

A link to Pride Canterbury’s crowd funding Page is below

Here are some highlights of last year’s Pride in Canterbury.


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