No lighting, causes women to feel TERRIFIED on jog

By Emma Thomson

A Canterbury jogger has said she felt terrified when jogging through Toddlers Cove, as there was no lighting.

Michelle Wadworth, a conveyancing executive, wrote a post on Facebook, discussing her experience of jogging through Toddlers Cove in the evening, which she says was “terrifying” as there is no lighting in the area.


(Toddlers Cove in Canterbury)

“Going through the field by Aldi and along Toddlers Cove itself is terrifying at night due to there being no lighting!”

Miss Wadforth, who was jogging through the Dane John Gardens, through to Toddlers Cove and then towards the university, where she was meeting a friend, has also said that the experience made her feel “intimidated and scared”.

“I was surprised there was no lighting at all as the Dane John and some of the other parks are lit very well”.

The jogger who has been jogging twice a week for around a year was joined by her Golden Labrador, but has said that even know her dog was with her, she couldn’t help but feel nervous when going through the cove.

The jogger who recently changed her jogging route in order to incorporate some hills, went on her jog at around six pm and has said that she saw another runner and a few cyclists, as well as lot of pedestrians in the area of Toddlers Cove. So why then isn’t there any lighting?

A spokesperson for Canterbury City Council has said:

“Our approach to lighting on the riverside path, and rural areas in general, is that it is not provided for ecological and environmental reasons. The section of riverside path referred to around Toddlers’ Cove is considered to be in a rural, not urban, area.”


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